We are pregnant!

We have been trying for 9 ish years for a baby. It’s been quite the journey. Quite a beautiful journey to be honest. And we are so excited to be able to share this with the world!


Here is a little bit of our infertility story:

Back in 2013 there was this house for sale and I dreamt that I was standing in front of this house holding a baby. My very own baby. I thought for sure we were gonna buy that house right then and there. But unfortunately it didn’t work out. Fast forward to now, we have been in this very house for about a year and a half. You can read more of that story HERE. 

We finally decided to do fertility treatments (after trying on our own for years) in January 2018. Those months were hard. So very hard. And each month left us without a positive test.

We did our last IUI in July and we knew that if it didn’t work then IVF would be our only option left. And sure enough, it was another negative test. We were devastated. We had spent thousands of dollars out of pocket on treatments and for those of you that don’t know, IVF costs about another $25,000 and insurance doesn’t cover any of it. We were spent. We had nothing left.

Those next few months I tried to forget about it. Go back to living a normal life, back to running, back to not having to go to the Doctors office so much. But it was anything but normal. All I could think was “what do we do? how can we do this? Are we done? I think we are done.” I was so confused, I truly felt like God had promised me a baby. Given the miracle of this house being ours and just everything we went through.

“God is not human, that he should lie, not a human being that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?” : Numbers 23:19

I heard this quote from a “Sarah’s laughter” infertility podcast:  “And even if not, he is still Good”.

The girl from the podcast happened to also be a photographer and we instantly became instagram friends 🙂 Follow her photos AND infertility journey HERE


So often we say things like “we got the job, God is good. we were healed, God is good.” etc. Therefore, even if not, is he still Good? I truly believe yes, he is good, because of who he is and not just because of what he does or doesn’t give us. During  our infertility journey I saw him restore our marriage, give us peace and joy despite our circumstances and bring the right people at just the right time when we needed it; he is good no matter what.


So one November afternoon, I decided to take a test just because. I left it on the counter and forgot about it. When I went back to it, I said “ugh it’s always negative”, and I went to throw it away. And then it caught the light just perfectly, I saw the faintest line. I thought for sure it was an evap line, since it had sat on the counter for so long. I threw it in the closet and decided to test the next day.

The next day, I took three tests, two were negative and one was so faint. I still didn’t believe it.

I waited three more days. I still hadn’t told my husband. I waited that friday morning for him to leave for hunting and took a test. And for the first time ever I saw the darkest positive line.

And then I started cleaning at 6am.

‘Cuz how else do you process this?! haha. I didn’t even cry. I was just in shock. I went and confirmed it with the doctor that morning and then went out and bought some things to announce to my hubby. I arranged for my friends to come take pictures and video of me telling him.

That whole afternoon, my husband was bummed about hunting and I just kept thinking “you have no idea but your world is about to be rocked you won’t even care about hunting”.

Finally our friends arrived and it was very awkward and hilarious trying to stop my hubby from trying to get into his truck to go hunting and convince him to come into the backyard.

So much happiness!

We confirmed everything was good with three early ultrasounds and then waited until thanksgiving to tell our families. We all basically cried every single time we gave the news.

This is our christmas card and how we told a lot of people:


Thankyou Emily for taking these photos for us 🙂

Our first “child” Arrow is excited 🙂

Needless to say, we are beyond excited and are overwhelmed with the love a support! Check out our smoke bomb gender reveal video HERE.

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