About Sarah

Hi! So glad you’re here!

I’m Sarah.

I’m from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I went to college for media but had no idea what I wanted to do with it. Too be honest, I’ve always had a love for photography but never dreamed I would be able to own my own photography business!

I love capturing people for who they are and my camera and I love adventures, big or small.

Also, I’ve been been married to my husband Nico since 2009, he’s kinda my favorite person.

(the above photo taken by the awesome Sam Burgess)


When I’m not behind the camera you may find me…running, drinking coffee, exploring, drinking more coffee, working behind the computer (ha!)

Other things I love include: new shoes, Jesus, all kinds of music, meeting new people and the color green.

To see more of my work and my super fun life (sort of sarcastic) please follow me on instagram: @sarahjanephotography_

Well that pretty much sums up ME! Now tell me about YOU!

-Sarah Jane Gallé