We’ve been waiting like 8 years to be able to get a dog. Meet Arrow, our German Shepherd puppy.

First week with puppy is going something like this:

-awe she’s so cute
-wow shes so smart, she hasn’t peed in the house yet
-crap she just peed on my only rug
-lets go for a car ride, nevermind she’s clawing me to death while my car is breaking down,
-awe shes so cute
-Its 2 am, She’s crying in her crate, are we supposed to go to her? google it. google says no.
-oh we are getting up at 2am, awesome
-7am. is it nap time yet? nope, still full energy.
-awe shes so cute shes sleeping.
-Stop biting my ankles, they are so wounded!
-Lets take a walk with the leash-swan dives into the leash over and over.
-oh she can walk on the leash, shes so smart
-ugh I can’t wait till she learns her name.
-google says if she chews on stuff just give her a toy-super easy
-stop chewing on the computer cords, stop chewing on my feet, dont eat rocks, stop trying to eat the cat she hates you, eat the toy eat the toy eat the toy. ugh go to bed
-awe shes so cute.
-she’s eating me again, time for some more soccer field laps, that will wear her out.
-nope, didn’t wear her out.
-awe she’s so cute.


We sure love her!

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