Hey. I’m Sarah


Hey. I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m Sarah and I’m based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I started seriously pursuing photography about 10 years ago. That was basically before instagram. Whoa.

What I love to capture most is the candid, random in-between moments. So when you look at the photo it creates an opportunity to experience something over again. My hopes is that when you look at your images, it brings back so much more than just a visual.

Photography causes me to see things that I may not notice otherwise. I’ve been doing this for a long time and each wedding is just as exciting as the last. I get butterflies the morning of your wedding, with the anticipation of the things we are going to witness and what funny stories we are going to hear.

While photography is a passion of mine, Jesus is where I get my affirmation and value from. Some of my favorite things to do are running and drinking coffee. Not at the same time. I really love meeting new people, quality time is my love language but I also value my alone time.

I love being a wife and a mama (and a dog mom). I have the most amazing hardworking husband named Nico-fun fact about him, he’s from the Netherlands. We have the cutest daughter named Piper and an awesome german shepherd named Arrow. We are big into camping and just being outside, especially near the great lakes.

Also, Tacos are my favorite food (so if you have a taco bar at your wedding we will be the best of friends). And bring your dog.


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~Sarah was great. Great communication. Made all of us feel comfortable. We had a wedding party of 20 including the bride and groom and she did a great job including everyone in the pictures and making them fun~


~Not only did we love our day-of experience, but our wedding party did too! A fantastic experience for us. We can’t say Thanks enough!!!~


~Sarah and her team were incredible the day of our wedding. They were very professional and at the same time made myself, my husband and the rest of the wedding party feel so comfortable. They captured every moment we had previously discussed and then some. I always joke about how un-photogenic I am and often feel awkward in front of a camera- Sarah made me feel so at ease. I will forever treasure my wedding photos!~


~Sarah was so quick to respond to any questions that I had, generally within a few hours of me sending an email. She was so great to work with. She alleviated a lot of stress and worry, something all brides hope for when working with photographers or any vendors in general.~


~I loved Sarah’s photography style and vision. Several times, she would get an idea while shooting and we learned quickly to trust her vision- each time it payed off so well. Some of my favorite photos from our wedding and engagement shoots were the more unconventional, creative ones~


~I really loved that she took the time to organize the large, conventional family photos at the church following our ceremony. It’s not only special to us, but also to our families to have these memories to cherish forever~


~Even when members of our wedding party went MIA, Sarah and her lovely assistant Emily handled it SO well! Mad props to the little mama to be for showing up like a boss and giving us first class treatment!~


~Love you guys! You did an awesome job… even as you were about to ‘pop’ with your baby!~


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