Our Piper Turns One!

Hi Friends. I hope your summer is going awesome and that you are sunburnt like I am, because that means your having fun, right?

It’s been a weird summer so far. With everything going on and weddings being postponed. I’m used to having a summer full of weddings and not having so much “free” time. It’s also strange being my first full summer as a mom. Not strange in a bad way obviously, just different.  I’m super bummed for all my couples who have had to postpone their weddings, and I SO look forward to when wedding season picks up again this fall. I cannot wait to spend my weekends documenting wedding dresses and dancing on the dancefloor again.

At the same time,  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t kind of enjoying being able to slow down this summer and spend lots of time with my daughter and hubby.

With the government restrictions we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to have a birthday party for her, but as soon as the rules changed we quickly started planning and getting things together. I found these “pom pom” cupcakes and cakes on pinterest…also known as “Shag rug cake”, I was obsessed with them and knew I wanted to center her whole birthday around these. We’ll call it “Pom Pom theme Birthday Party”. Her birthday is July 3, but her party was on July 4 so we also wanted to have it resemble fireworks in a way, without it being a total red, white and blue theme.  Anyway, so we had pop rocks, water balloons, face painting, yummy food (which i’m so glad most of it got eaten) and pom pom centerpieces that my mom and I made-which I’m super bummed I didn’t get great photos of. And of course, the amazing cake made by the one and only “The Cake lady by Amy Vanderhaag”, yes she makes wedding cakes, yes she is the best, hire her.

All the other desert is from Meijer, because I am not a kitchen wizard. The big pom pom garland is from “Allie Mae” on etsy. Also obsessed with these, they were exactly what I was looking for…they kind of resemble fireworks, right? (the small pom pom garland is from hobby lobby, borrowed from a friend).

Thanks Emily (aka auntie Em) for taking photos. And thanks to all our friends and family photos for loving our girl, she is so so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people.


There it is in all its glory. (insert a million heart eyes)

I also did a little quick photoshoot in the backyard a couple days Prior. I keep wanting to do a sunset photoshoot of her but she can never stay up that late lol!

After her party we all went to our house for food and fireworks even though we were all sweating buckets. The older cousins put together her toys for her while she took a nap. Piper loves all her gifts and she just looks like such a toddler now, it’s so fun to see her explore the toys in her toy room and not go straight to the electrical cords anymore (at least for now lol). Thanks so much to everyone for coming and celebrating with her.

I’m just going to end this with an adorable photo of Piper on our friends boat yesterday. Holy smokes she is cute.


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