Jacob + Elsa |photo + Video| Married at Goei Center

Jacob and Elsa had a beautiful fall wedding in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They got married at the Goei Center. And it was amazing.

You know what is also amazing? Their “Melsi” wedding which happened the next day. A Lot of Elsa’s family is Eritrean and the attire and culture is so fascinating!

So “today” was a wedding to honor the American/Jewish side and the following day they had a wedding to honor the Eritrean side of the families! Check it out HERE.

Also, check out their downtown Grand Rapids engagement session HERE. 

And here is their wedding Film by our Video team 🙂

We started the day with getting ready photos at the Marriott.

A view of Grand Rapids in the Fall

A gift from Jacob

Elsa did a first look with her girls after getting her dress on at the Goei Center!

Elsa also did a first look with her parents and it was so sweet!

Time to get married!

now, off to the reception!

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