For Clients: 

What is your Approach and style as far as shooting goes?

I go for “authentic and real”. As much as I love the fine art and posed style, that is not my ultimate goal. I try to do a little bit of both. As I’m photographing I may say things like “okay now talk about your most embarrassing moment with each other” or ” talk about what you’re going to eat for breakfast tomorrow”.  I ultimately want to capture your personality, I’m going to “pose” you, but while making conversation in the process and If I’m not telling you what to do, just keep doing what you’re doing 🙂

How long until I get my images back?

I always estimate about 4-6 weeks for weddings, especially in my busiest season (fall) when I am shooting a lot more weddings and family sessions as well. I put a sneak peak up on facebook within the week and continue to post some periodically on my Instagram.

Sessions I estimate two weeks at very most, especially in my busiest season as well.

I love what I see on your blog, but can I view a full wedding?

Yes! I have some full galleries that I have asked permission from brides to share, just ask!

Can I send you ideas of photos I had in mind?

I am always open to your ideas. I can’t guarantee we can do all of them but I will do my best. It is helpful for you to share your pinterest board with me if you have one and I will definitely check it out to see what you had in mind. Or you can email me some photos or share them on your wedding day, I am always  open to your suggestions and thoughts.

I see a 2nd shooter is included in every wedding package, what is their role?

I always have a 2nd shooter with me for the added security of capturing everything we can and for the fact that I can’t be in two places at once. My 2nd shooter will be grabbing different angles, helping me keep track of the timeline, paying attention to detail (fixing necklaces, hair etc). While I may be getting wide shots, I may have them grab the close ups.

How long have you been shooting?

I started shooting when I was in college in about 2008. I was studying video and we didn’t have a photography department at the time, so I am basically self-taught. I started shooting weddings in 2009, shot on my own for a bit and then switched to shooting weddings for another company. In 2013 I decided to invest and re-brand as “Sarah Jane photography” and officially went full time in 2015.


What about video?

Some people don’t realize how valuable a wedding video may be. Your day flies by and you miss so much. To me, Video is just as important as photo. You can not book me personally for video at this time (a common question I get asked), But you can book through me so you don’t have to go through the hassle of communicating with another vendor. We have all worked together several times and have good system in which we work, which is why it is helpful to book us together. Ask me about the video packages and we can talk further.

Will you help us with our timeline?

Yes! I’m happy to send you sample timelines. Also, when it gets closer to the date I will send you a form to fill out with general information and I will make a photo timeline based on that. We will also meet a couple weeks before the wedding and talk about the timeline and any last minute expectations, details etc.

How many weddings do you shoot a year?

I shot 27 weddings in 2016. The past years I averaged about 12-20 weddings a year. 2016 was a busy year for me and a lot to handle (I missed seeing my husband on weekends!). So in 2017 I took on a few less weddings and that allows me to give more time and attention to the clients I do have.

How far in advance should we book?

For Weddings I book about 1-1/2 years in advance but also tend to book a lot of last minute weddings.

For sessions I book day of sometimes, but also months in advance. Especially fall, would be good to book a few months in advance but don’t hesitate to ask about last minute sessions. I’m always as flexible as I can be.

Will you travel to my wedding or session?

I’m always open to traveling. There is a small fuel fee after the first 60 miles.

What if I don’t want my photos online?

No problem. I understand that some people do not want their photos online for the world to see, especially when it comes to kids. Just let me know ahead of time and I can adjust the contract accordingly.

What if you get sick or something happens to you and you cannot shoot my wedding?

Although this hasn’t happened yet, it is a photographers (and client’s) worse nightmare. If something were to happen, we would talk about a plan together. Luckily I  know a lot of photographers in the community that would always be willing to save the day. I would contact them immediately. I keep my 2nd shooter in the loop and send a timeline to them ahead of time, so luckily they would know the plan of the day as well.

Should we send you a list of everything we want?

I do not prefer a complete list. But you are welcome to send me a list of what would be the most important shots to you, like the “top ten must have shots” (I also leave a spot for this in the form I send you). For example: a  lot of photos of bride and dad, a specific detail that is important to your family, a specific photo you saw on pinterest, etc.





For Photographers:


What inspired you to become a photographer?

Story time; I was adopted when I was 13. I have only a few photos of my biological mom and I. Her and I were very close when I was young, she’s no longer here and what I would give to have more photos together. I find my self staring at older photos and wondering what that person was thinking, what they were doing that day and what they were feeling. A photo makes you think. Someday when you are no longer here, someone is going to look at a photo of you and feel close to you again. And that’s what initially inspires me.

How did you become a photographer?

I picked up a camera and started going cray cray with it 🙂 My photos were terrible in the beginning, I don’t even want to think about it. But learning takes practice!

What are your go-to lenses?

canon 35 1.4 and 85, I try to like zoom lenses, I just can’t do it.

Do you really drink as much coffee as you say you do?

I’m ashamed to say I only drink like one cup of coffee a day. okay maybe two. Sometimes three.

How do I start getting clients?

Just start shooting. In the beginning I started gathering all the cute couples, families, kids, people I knew and photographed them for free. I had to have something to show.

Was it scary to quit your day job and go full time?

Like so scary. And I really did love my job, but I was getting burned out. I need to be “all in”. But once I went full time I gained a ton more clients, and was able to grow. I think when I went full time that’s when people started truly taking me seriously for what I was doing. And I was also able to spend more time with people. I think in business (and in life) relationships are important. I love that I’ve been able to grow in all these aspects since I went full time and just really focus.

Do you edit with presets or make your own? Photoshop or lightroom?

I used to use Photoshop and actions and then I switched to lightroom and Vsco film presets which cut my editing time in half and made my workflow easier. I now make my own presets for each wedding and session.

Do you ever use flash or any artificial light?

For weddings and lifestyle sessions I typically only use natural light. I will use flash at the reception and have an extra light I’ll bring with me for creative stuff. But I try to stick to that natural light.

One on One photographer mentor sessions available-Contact for details