Before/After-A little about my workflow and Editing

I’m super excited about this blog post because one of the best parts about the workflow in photography is seeing what a photo looked like before and comparing it to the end result. I also think it’s important for my clients to see how the image is transformed.

I will boldly admit that just like most photographers (at least I hope it’s most photographers and not just me lol) I feel like my style changes a bit from summer to summer, or season to season. I feel like each season I find or make a new preset that I like even better. BUT the good news is I feel like I have found the most magical preset that I am completely 100% in love with, finally!

But, you know, we’ll see what happens by next year lol.

The one thing that I do feel has stayed consistent is the “greens”. It’s the first thing I notice in a photo. If you are a non-photographer this may sound weird to¬† you, if you are a photographer you are probably yelling “YAAAS” right now. It’s a thing, those silly greens. But I always always tone down the greens, de-saturate them. And sometimes the sun makes them give off a yellow tint, tone those babies down too.

I used to take on a little bit of a warmer tone, but I feel like that has slowly changed to a little more of a “cooler” tone. I “think”. And as you may notice, I like to “come to the dark side”…of photos, which often means shooting underexposed and deepening the shadows.

I wanted to share some photos in different lighting situation, the good lighting, the bad lighting…and everything in between. I’m using my most recent shoots or weddings for accuracy and consistency.

Here’s the “good”. or perhaps the GREAT.

Gotta love that Golden hour.







Here’s some Mid-day shooting, a little tricky but not too tricky.





Here is the super tricky ones, harsh lighting, lots of shadows and no place to hide. But we make it work!





And some fun reception lighting or Ceremony lighting





ZERO Lighting..ok basically. no flash, just the light of the fire


And some random ones. Cloudy, indoor. etc


And studio!

Have questions? Want to see more? Just ask!

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